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Abundance Candle

Abundance Candle

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🕯️ Abundance Candle: Illuminate Your Space with Warming Honey Fragrance

Indulgent Essence: Immerse your surroundings in the warm, delightful aroma of honey with our Abundance Candle, a true favorite.

Dimensions: Available in two sizes - 18cm x 4cm for up to 30 hours of rich fragrance, and a smaller 12cm x 4cm option with an 18-hour burn time.

Stable Placement: Crafted with a sturdy 4 cm base, this self-supporting candle ensures elegant and stable placement on any flat surface, eliminating the need for a separate candle holder.

Heartwarming Inspiration: The Abundance Candle's origins are rooted in a heartwarming narrative, created for a friend seeking gentle illumination and positive energy during childbirth.

Hand-Dipped Craftsmanship: Each batch of candles undergoes a meticulous hand-dipping process, infusing them with the best of intentions and a personal touch.

Exquisite Form and Function: The Abundance Candle seamlessly combines indulgent aroma, purposeful craftsmanship, and a hint of masculine energy, providing radiant glow and enduring presence.

Wick Lighting Wax: Our Abundance Candle comes with Wick Lighting Wax for easy and elegant lighting of your candles, enhancing the entire experience.

Candlelight Chronicles: A Guide to Beeswax Brilliance: Journey into Candlelight: Techniques, Tips, and Tales of Beeswax Mastery PDF (coming soon)

Embrace the swetness of honey and the harmonious convergence of aesthetics and practicality with the Abundance Candle. 🍯✨🔥


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gloria Barugel
Beautiful candles!

I love these candles so much! :)

Kat Belle
Love my candles thank you

Will miss your candles and the smell when I walk past the table ❤️

Jane Tova
Abundance Candles

I use these candles for my prayer times. I got them blessed as soon as I received them by my Parish Priest at my Catholic Church. They burn so well and that sweet smell is so beautiful. Thank you .

An absolute treat

Such beautiful ambience and burning time is amazing.
They smell delicious and I love how they look while burning. Definitely will cover my home in these bad boys.

Abundance Candle

I ordered the candle for my sister in laws birthday. Delivery was good, the candle was well packaged. She hasn't lit it yet, but it smells amazing. The small candle is a beautiful shape and size. Would definitely order again.